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DIVERSUS is a social community for collective consideration, facilitated by a unique digital infrastructure, that allows people to describe the world in a most natural and easy way and to collectively build knowledge. 

DIVERSUS mirrors the natural learning behaviour of humans by building vivid communication clusters that can be researched, initiated or completed by all users, independently of location, time and topic.

Why do we want DIVERSUS?

We are offering a tool for intelligent and fruitful communication to help people make smarter decisions and to improve their lives, as well as our societies.

In our hypercomplex world we are supposed to explore the tremendous potential of our global collective intelligence in order to maintain balance and accelerate the mind shift towards a just, peaceful and healthy global society. DIVERSUS is designed to achieve these targets with the help of everybody.

How does DIVERSUS work?

Users can interconnect their thoughts and generate a knowledge network similar to our brain-structure. 

DIVERSUS is based on communicative archetypes which are used by humans since the beginning of time, as such it should be easy for everybody to understand the DIVERSUS patterns intuitively.

The community members can freely communicate like in a real encounter but globally. 

What are DIVERSUS objectives?

Peace, health and development for everybody
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DiVERSUS Beneftis

What are the benefits for DIVERSUS users?

  • Easy and quick information access.

  • Deep research into any topic.

  • Participation and initiation of collective considerations to any topic for everybody.

  • Smarter individual decisions because of better advice through the DIVERSUS community.

  • Private as well as public considerations are possible.

Who is developing and running DIVERSUS?

The DIVERSUS movement starts in Berlin, Germany, but it’s supposed to become a diverse remote-collective spread over our beautiful globe.


How can I use DIVERSUS?

Please leave your Email and we will get in contact with you.

How can I help DIVERSUS?

Spread the word about the project in your community and help us fund the development. 


basic idea

basic idea


Our global society is populated by a diverse and interesting people: all of us. Diversity is an important prerequisite in innovation research and for life in general. We identify an obvious need for innovation on all levels of technology and society in order to design a safe and healthy living environment.

What is the DIVERSUS anthropology?

Humanity has the unique capability to describe reality through language, to identify dangers and potentials and to collectively find solutions to complex problems. For hundreds of thousands of years our cultural evolution has been facilitated by these skills and our technologies and societies were built upon it.

Our mental health depends on our possibility to shape our lives in an intelligent dialogue with others, on an individual level as well as on regional and global range. 

DIVERSUS is honouring this human capability by researching it constantly in close cooperation with scientists of all kind and developing its digital infrastructure according to this knowledge. 

money & logistics

money & logistics

What is the DIVERSUS Global Conference?

The DIVERSUS Global Conference is an example for special services we want to offer for high-grade projects which are supposed to improve the global cohabitate.

When does DIVERSUS start?

DIVERSUS has already started. We expect the first public MVP (minimal viable product) in 2018.

You have an idea? Tell us!

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Our founders

  • Martin Sambauer
  • David Weidinger
  • Kateryna Levina
  • Mariusz Kreft
  • James Snow